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A Customer's Opinion - Analysis Service 3

If you're interested in Subio Platform, I strongly recommend you try it with your own data. I'm sure you like it. You don't need to be skillful in informatics, because you can contact to the support desk. They'll kindly explain the characteristics of your data, and what you need to do. Subio Platform handles well any microarray data like gene expression and CGH. We asked importing and filtering of CGH data on Affymetrix SNP6.0 GeneChip at Subio, and then we took over discovering by ourselves. The service was over the internet, but it's pretty safe and fast by professionals. We could discuss as we were investigating the results. We're so much satisfied with their aftercare.

The genome browser of Subio Platform if very useful and feasible to browse large data sets. I'd recommend 64 bit machine with a large memory. It runs quickly. It's a great advantage to browse the data on my own computer, not on a box in the lab, because data are portable among Subio Platform on any computers.