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A Customer's Opinion - Analysis Service 2

I'm a wet researcher who is in a "typical" lab, which has lots of microarray data without specialists of data mining.

We actually tried data analysis by ourselves as following steps in text books or references and submit a paper. The referees criticized the poor description of methods we applied, validity of our choice of methods and presentation of the results, and we didn't know what to do.
We luckily found Subio and their services, and contacted. We sent all the files, because we don't know what exactly they are, and the comments of the referees. They sorted them and analyze the data appropriately to satisfy the requirements. Thanks to their kindly explaining the points and how to solve the problems, we could make it accepted.

We didn't have experience of web meeting, and worried if we could communicate well or not. But it was a pleasant surprise that they answer to our questions, provide solutions instantly. They showed several ways of data handling as discussing with our team, and selected the way we thought the best in real time.

Now we stop using Excel, and share microarray data on Subio Platform, including our collaborators in the distance. It's definitely easier to learn the operation of Subio Platform, it's not so hard actually, than browsing and interpreting thousands of data rows in Excel. Subio Platform is free, but it's more than what I need.
I definitely recommend you contact them, if you're a wet researcher having problems in analyzing microarray data.