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50% Off of System Plug-ins for current Plug-in Set Users.

We released a new Plug-in, named System Plug-in with Subio Platform v1.22. Though we stopped selling Subrium and Subdive, Subrium's main feature is supported in "Scan Genes over Series" tool of System Plug-in. So users can enjoy the function at significantly low cost, and easily.

Please watch movies of new features of System Plug-ins.

We offer 50% Off of System Plug-in for current Plug-in Set users until 27th April (Fri).


  • Plug-ins Set users who purchased it later than 1st of May 2017 are eligible.

How to order:

And we stop providing Data Analysis Service for Plug-ins Set users at the discount price any time, any number. We now request you purchase the service tickets with Plug-in Set simultaneously. So, we offer the service options, too. But please be noticed that these tickets will expire on the day after 1 year of your purchase of the Plug-in Set.

  • Data Analysis Service (Small data set) x4 @200 USD/EUR
  • Data Analysis Service (Large data set)  @200 USD/EUR