Online Training $50 (-83%) until the end of June.

Due to COVID-19, some of you may not be able to conduct experiments in your laboratory. So we offer online data analysis training for $50 instead of the regular $300 until the end of June. Why not take this opportunity to develop your data analysis skills?

  • No more than one time per week, you can order at this rate. The second time in the same week, you can order at the regular price. Or please book another training session in the next week.
  • No longer than three hours. 15 min break required. Please be noticed that one hour shorter than the regular-price training.
  • We can help you set up a pipeline for processing FASTQ files. However, unlike the RNA-Seq data analysis support service, this is limited within training time, not until setup is complete.
  • You are requested to complete the payment or place an order before the training session.
  • Up to 3 attendees (3 computers) are acceptable.

Request training.

Please order  with accurate information about a computer (OS, RAM size, free disk space, etc.), experimental data, what you want to learn, and problems you want to solve so that we can tell you what you should prepare and download before the training.