What is the difference from others?

Do you have experiences of getting odd results?

We have provided data analysis services for long, and we know customers sometimes bring a data set which is impossible to analyze, or terribly bad quality. They did not consider the experimental plan, but it is impossible to recover once they have done.

  1. Experimental Plan
    They did not have a concrete image about the data and the way of analysis.
  2. Experiment
    They somehow selected the platform without assessing by themselves.
  3. Data Analysis
    They finally found they could not analyze the data.

Backward Thinking Helps

The "backward thinking" is important to avoid such a waste of time and money.
We recommend you take time to consider the experimental plan before you actually do.

  1. Data Analysis
    You have a clear image about the data and the way of analysis.
  2. Experiment
    You assess platforms to select the right one with the capability.
  3. Experimental Plan
    You strategically allocate resources to achieve at the limited budget.

We have supported many researchers at the data analysis part, and sometimes they brought terribly bad quality data. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything, because the data analysis is not a magic.

They could have avoided it, if they had considered the following points very well.

  1. Have a good experimental design.
  2. Select a capable platform.
  3. Have it done by a skillful technician.

Maybe it is easy to understand the third point. But it is difficult to think about the first or second, especially if you do not have a lot of experience.

So Subio provides the service to have you make an adequate experimental plan by showing you the real researchers' data sets. You send the sample of tissues or cells, and our skillful technicians extract RNA and measure by microarray or RNA-Seq.

We deliver the raw data and analysis results in a SSA(Subio Series Archive) file, so that you can visually understand how the raw signal distributed, how the normalization/pre-processing was applied and how the analysis performed. We hold a web meeting to explain about the characteristics of raw data, and why we chose those analysis steps. Even after the meeting, you can request online support sessions every time you need a help or consulting.

We have over 10 years' experience of providing data analysis service, and this is why we know many customers, especially who get data from service providers or facilities, have problems on raw data or analysis workflows. And they use the data without noticing about the poor quality. Why has such situation been kept unsolved? We think it is due to how the data delivered. It is impossible to know if the data contains problems with Excel or PDF. So we visually explain data with Subio Platform step by step to customers.

We store the RNA samples. If you want to verify the up- or down-regulation of extracted genes from microarray or RNA-Seq data, we provide RT-PCR option. It can keep the systematic error minimum by using the same RNA samples.

Premium Analysis Service is a unique service depending on our knowledge and experience. We have been supporting our customers by outputting the practically-best results at the limited budget.

RNA-Seq & Microarray Service

Features of Premium Analysis Service

  • We consistently support from experimental design to data analysis.
  • We suggest methods of experiment and data analysis to achieve the goal.
  • We suggest experimental plans within the budget, which are expandable in the future.
  • Skillful technicians take in charge of the experiment to generate the best quality raw data.
  • We preserve the aliquots, and you can order RT-PCR experiment for validation.
Premium Analysis Service Charge 280 USD
Microarray or RNA-Seq experiment 1,200 USD / Sample
Premium Analysis Service Charge 280 EUR
Microarray or RNA-Seq experiment 1,200 EUR / Sample
Premium Analysis Service Charge 28,000 JPY
Microarray or RNA-Seq experiment 120,000 JPY / Sample

Real-Time PCR Service (Option Service)

After you receive the data of a premium analysis service, you can additionally order real-time PCR for validation using the same RNA samples within one month.

The conditions we accept are:

  • Total RNAs are left enough.
  • Repetitive experiments (ex. 2 controls vs. 2 targets.)
  • Known genes of human, mouse and rat.
  • The number of samples is between 4 and 8. (flat rate.)
  • The number of genes is between 5 and 10 (we count house keeping genes)
  • Taqman real-time PCR, triplicate reactions, ddCT analysis.
  • No obligation on the result.
5 Genes 4,800 USDor more
6 Genes 5,700 USDor more
7 Genes 6,600 USDor more
8 Genes 7,400 USDor more
9 Genes 8,100 USDor more
10 Genes 8,600 USDor more
5 Genes 4,800 EURor more
6 Genes 5,700 EURor more
7 Genes 6,600 EURor more
8 Genes 7,400 EURor more
9 Genes 8,100 EURor more
10 Genes 8,600 EURor more
5 Genes 480,000 JPYor more
6 Genes 570,000 JPYor more
7 Genes 660,000 JPYor more
8 Genes 740,000 JPYor more
9 Genes 810,000 JPYor more
10 Genes 860,000 JPYor more
  • The price can be higher than above depending on gene and number of samples.

Other NGS Experiment Services

The price will be determined upon your request. Please contact us for more information.

  • Small volume RNA-Seq *1
  • Degraded RNA-Seq *2
  • Small volume + degraded RNA-Seq *1 *2
  • lncRNA (long non-coding RNA) sequencing
  • small RNA sequencing
  • microRNA sequencing
  • Amplicon sequencing
  • De Novo genome sequencing
  • Metagenomic sequencing
  • 16s rRNA sequencing
  • *1 we accept 100~1000 cells as input.
  • *2 we accept sorted and selected cells, pathological specimens, laser microdissection tissues or something from which you cannot get the good quality RNA.
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