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Do you have experiences of getting odd results?

We have provided data analysis services for a decade, and customers sometimes bring bad-quality datasets. Please be noticed that if the raw data is too bad, it is impossible to recover by data analysis.

  1. Experimental Plan
    They did not have a concrete image about the data and the way of analysis.
  2. Experiment
    They somehow selected the platform without assessing by themselves.
  3. Data Analysis
    They finally found they could not analyze the data.

Backward Thinking Helps

The "backward thinking" is essential to avoid such a waste of time and money.
We recommend you take time to consider the experimental design before you implement.

  1. Data Analysis
    You have a clear image of the data and the way of analysis.
  2. Experiment
    You assess platforms to select the right one with the capability.
  3. Experimental Plan
    You strategically allocate resources to achieve at the limited budget.

We have over-10-years experiences of providing data analysis service. Customers sometimes bring bad-quality datasets with which we cannot analyze. The data analysis is not magic, and we cannot do anything on such data. The key to success is to get high-quality raw data.

We know customers who used experiment service or facilities especially have more chance of bad-quality raw data, and they don't know anything about it. You may expect "they will do everything rightly," but it is not realistic, unfortunately. So we decided to start a trustful experiment service. The unit price is higher than other service providers though; you can reduce the total cost from the following points.

  1. Fair and Precise Reporting about the Data Quality

    The merit of having us between you and an experimenter is you get a fair report about the data quality especially when it is not good. You may think this is normally happening, but even very famous vendors are not likely doing. How can you judge the quality without enough experiences in data analysis? Even for professional analysts, it is impossible to decide the quality only from the report, because problems sometimes become visible as analyzing the data.

  2. Stability and Analyzability of Raw Data

    The stability of raw data cannot be a problem if the number of samples is very small. However, it becomes a problem as the number grows. They have to divide samples into batches, and it generates systematic errors. When a dataset is larger than 20 samples, you will very likely see the problem.

    Firstly, it would help if you carefully chose a service provider which can stably generate the same quality of raw data. Otherwise, you cannot analyze the data because you cannot know whether the differences in expression levels come from biological conditions or experimental biases. However, it is impossible to eliminate systematic errors even for very-skillful technicians. So, secondly, it would help if you include alternative options in designing the experiment.

    You may have to redo everything if you do not mind these points before you start the study.

  3. Suitability with Objective, and Expandability

    Some datasets have triplicates or more in all conditions, but is it needed? If you think backward from the goal, you can reduce the number of samples without degrading study quality, or even with gaining quality, by selecting suitable measurement methods and strategically assigning the number of replicates on biological conditions. Moreover, it often happens that you add samples to expand the study in the future. If you adequately design the experiment, you can re-use the existing samples. However, you have to get the raw data again if the experimental design accepts the expansion.


Consulting in Designing The Experiment

We have web meetings with customers at first. Most of them are too optimistic, but of course, it is impossible to realize everything they may think. So we discuss to make clear what is likely to be possible and what is not by seeing other researchers' datasets. It is beneficial for you to understand the risks and limitations.

Still, you cannot eliminate all possibilities of systematic errors. So, we tell you lying risks and suggest options to make the data analyzable even if a part of data goes wrong. You also have limitations like budget, time and accessibility of the samples. We help your better decision making in those restrictions.


We do not do this part. All experiments are operated by a partner which we think the best at a technical level and stability of raw data.

Data Analysis

We investigate the raw data and analyze it. Because we know about the purpose and experimental design, we check whether the quality satisfies the expectation, and evaluate the effects of risks. We can apply the best steps in the analysis flow to achieve the goal.


We deliver the SSA(Subio Series Archive) file, which you import the file into Subio Platform to examine the raw data and see how it was analyzed. We have a web meeting with you for explaining and discussing the data and analysis flow. You can request free online support whenever you need.

Features of Premium Analysis Service

  • We consistently support from experimental design to data analysis.
  • We help your choosing methods and designing experiment.
  • Skillful technicians take in charge of experiments to generate the best-quality raw data.
  • We preserve the aliquots, and you can order validation experiments with RT-PCR.
RNA-Seq or Microarray experiment 1,200 USD / Sample
Advisory service fee * 280 USD
* Advisory service includes consultation of experimental planning, quality check of raw data, data analysis,
explanation in a web meeting.
RNA-Seq or Microarray experiment 1,200 EUR / Sample
Advisory service fee * 280 EUR
* Advisory service includes consultation of experimental planning, quality check of raw data, data analysis,
explanation in a web meeting.
RNA-Seq or Microarray experiment 120,000 JPY / Sample
Advisory service fee * 28,000 JPY
* Advisory service includes consultation of experimental planning, quality check of raw data, data analysis,
explanation in a web meeting.

Other NGS Experiment Services

The price will be determined upon your request. Please contact us for more information.

  • Small volume RNA-Seq *1
  • Degraded RNA-Seq *2
  • Small volume + degraded RNA-Seq *1 *2
  • lncRNA (long non-coding RNA) sequencing
  • small RNA sequencing
  • microRNA sequencing
  • Amplicon sequencing
  • De Novo genome sequencing
  • Metagenomic sequencing
  • 16s rRNA sequencing
  • *1 we accept 100~1000 cells as input.
  • *2 we accept sorted and selected cells, pathological specimens, laser microdissection tissues or something from which you cannot get the good quality RNA.


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