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What is the merit of having Subio between an experiment service and their user?

Subio is an independent data analysis service provider, and we have much experience in analyzing data generated by experiment services as well. Customers sometimes bring us datasets involving problems in quality or experimental design. They could have avoided it if they had consulted us before they experimented. So we started a unique experiment service that Subio intermediate you and the experiment service, which gives you the following three advantages.

1. The advice in experimental designing.

It is impossible to get theoretically complete samples in reality due to constraints of budget, time, and other resources. So you have to omit somehow. However, a reckless sample reduction can result in an error in the data analysis. You have to do it without degrading the quality of the experiment.

From a risk hedge point of view, maybe you need to prioritize the purposes. You can strategically deploy replicates to limit the effect against the unexpected failure. It subsequently reduces the cost of redoing. There is also another perspective, like keeping expandability for adding samples in the future or maximizing the reusability of omics samples for other experiments.

Lastly, we help your assessment of technologies because you have to select the right method to observe what you want to.

Our experience in a variety of data analysis helps your experimental designing in reality with constraints to maximize the output and limit the risks.

2. The quality check and data analysis.

You may expect that a branded service or university facility will give you excellent quality measurement data. However, we know the reality that quality is not always satisfying.

We do not intend to blame them, because they do as following the determined protocol and check the quality of samples at suitable points as their quality reports show. However, it is still impossible to exclude all unexpected systematic errors from the measurement data by nature of omics.

So the point is that both you and the experimenter may not notice the defect.

Because we are involved in from the planning, we can check if the quality is as expected, unexpected systematic errors occurred. Then we select the suitable methods and thresholds according to the data itself. It is different from applying a routine regardless of the characteristics.

3. Partnering with the best quality service.

You may not know about the difference between experimental service providers. You may think the quality is almost the same. However, we know it through the experience.

Let me talk more about the unexpected systematic error of omics described above. It is rare that several samples independently look odd. We often see a group of samples look different from the other like this case. It suggests that you can generate stable samples in the same batch, though it is challenging to make it consistent in different batches. You may think that big brands should generate more stable data. However, it is ultra hard for a big organization to keep consistency because many technicians take part in alternately.

On the other hand, our partner organizes a small team of skilled technicians. Though it is impossible to eliminate all the systematic errors, they proved by results that it is possible to reduce the variability significantly.

We offer Experiment Mediation Service for the first and second advantages and Premium Experiment Service for the third.

Experiment Service User Subio Experiment Mediation Service Premium Experiment Service 1 The advice in experimental designing 2 The quality check and data analysis 3 Partnering with the best quality service

Cases you should choose Premium Experiment Service.

Premium Experiment Service is for generating the best, and stable quality data provided Subio and the experiment partner. Though we know the price is not the lowest, it still can be the most reasonable solution for you.

If you have less than five samples and you can get them at low cost, it is reasonable to find an experiment service at the lowest price. You can still use our Experiment Mediation Service.

If you have more than 12 samples, the systematic errors between batches can be a concern. More samples bring more chance of the problem. So, Premium Experiment Service becomes more reasonable when you have more samples. Please decide as comparing the cost of re-experiment and the cost of reducing the risk of it.

If it is almost impossible or difficult to get the sample again, you should choose Premium Experiment Service.

The problem of systematic error becomes critical for a study with multiple sampling batches, especially prospective study. Premium Experiment Service is reasonable for them, of course.

Moreover, please consult us if you have samples which other experiment service judged the quality is not enough for measuring. We can do our best with your acceptance of the risk. We have produced useful quality data from such samples.

Sampling Number of Samples Reasonable Choice
Easy & Low Cost Few Experiment Mediation Service + Low-cost experiment services
Many Experiment Mediation Service + Premium Experiment Service
Hard & High Cost Regardless of Number
Multiple Batches,
Prospective Study
Poor Quality or Too-Low Input RNA


Planning (Experiment Mediation Service)

We hold a web meeting to share the purposes of the experiment. We may distinguish what you can do realistically and what you cannot, prioritize goals, to make a particular experimental design. We may explain what can unexpectedly happen and suggest how to hedge the risk. We help your decision makings from a data analysis point of view.

Experiment (Premium Experiment Service)

You send us organ or cell samples. Skilled technicians of a partner extract RNA, examine the quality. We will discuss with you as reviewing the result for the final decision on the method. The partner applies the determined protocol and sends the measurement data to Subio. We will send back the rest of the sample if you order Sample Return Option as well.

If your budget does not allow using Premium Experiment Service, you can use other experiment service provider.

Data Analysis (Experiment Mediation Service)

Subio applies the suitable data processing and statistical analysis on the measurement data, and deliver you an SSA (Subio Series Archive) file as a result. You can import the file into Subio Platform to take a closer look at the raw data, analysis steps, and the results. We hold a web meeting to explain how to operate the software, how to view, and how to interpret the result. You also can ask for free Online Support at any time.

Price List

Experiment Mediation Service 300 USD
Premium Experiment Service 1,200 USD / Sample
Sample Return Option 60 USD
Experiment Mediation Service 300 EUR
Premium Experiment Service 1,200 EUR / Sample
Sample Return Option 60 EUR
Experiment Mediation Service 30,000 JPY
Premium Experiment Service 120,000 JPY / Sample
Sample Return Option 6,000 JPY

Discount Programs

Discount for Plug-in Set Users

Plug-in set users can order Experiment Mediation Service at 50% off for one year from the purchase date.

Volume Discount

We offer a discount if you order more than 12 samples.

Discount Rate
>12 samples 10%
>24 samples 20%
* We do not apply the discount rate together with other discount programs or promotions.

Repeaters' Discount

We would offer a discount if you ordered the Premium Experiment Service within one year from the data delivery of the previous order. This program is useful, especially when you want to redo the experiment, to add samples to the previous study, to add samples periodically in a prospective study.

Discount Rate
>4 samples within six months 2.5%
>8 samples within one year 5%
>12 samples within one year 15%
>20 samples within one year 20%
* We do not apply the discount rate together with other discount programs or promotions.

Other NGS Experiment Services

The price will be determined upon your request. Please contact us for more information.

  • Small volume RNA-Seq *1
  • Degraded RNA-Seq *2
  • Small volume + degraded RNA-Seq *1 *2
  • lncRNA (long non-coding RNA) sequencing
  • small RNA sequencing
  • microRNA sequencing
  • Amplicon sequencing
  • De Novo genome sequencing
  • Metagenomic sequencing
  • 16s rRNA sequencing
  • *1 we accept 100~1000 cells as input.
  • *2 we accept sorted and selected cells, pathological specimens, laser microdissection tissues or something from which you cannot get the good quality RNA.


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