Premium Experiment Outsourcing ServiceRNA-Seq service, microarray service

Experiment by skillful technicians for gene expression studies

$1,200 / sample

It might look a bit pricey.

However, it can reduce the total cost.

About Transcriptome Measurement Systems

There are several types of microarrays. If you compare data sets generated by different array systems, the conclusion is clear. There is no microarray better than Agilent's. We don't see any reasons to recommend other products, and we offer you the experiment service with Agilent microarrays. And if you examine data sets using Agilent microarrays and RNA-Seq, the end is also evident. Agilent microarrays beat RNA-Seq in performance. However, Agilent's has more constraints, and maybe your experimental design doesn't fit. Or you may prefer RNA-Seq for various reasons. In such cases, we offer you the experiment service with RNA-Seq.

If you think of any other arrays, please consult us before you make a decision.

In what cases is choosing this service reasonable?

Subio's Premium Experiment Outsourcing Service is a bit pricey compared to other experiment outsourcing services because we partner with a facility with the capability of the best quality.

If your samples are less than eight and you can easily re-sample at a low cost, we recommend you go to the counter of the best price. Our Experimental Planning Support Service and Data Analysis Service are still useful even for you in such cases.

However, Premium Experiment Outsourcing Service worth considering in the following cases.

1. The number of samples exceeds twelve.

If you have more than 12 samples, the risk of getting data in "different types" arises. Having more samples get more chance of the risk. Please be noted that RNA-Seq experiments have more possibilities. If the problem occurs, you will have to discard and redo a part of, or even all, operations. So, the estimated cost of a project is not only the cost of the first experiment (in case of no failure) but also the expected cost of re-experimenting.

What's the risk of getting data in "different types?"

Subio is an independent data analysis service provider since 2008. We have a lot of experience in omics data analysis, and this is why we know something that you might don't know. People bringing data to us usually have no idea that the data can have defects. We understand that if you outsource an experiment, you think it must be ok. However, omics data cannot be free from defects, even if professional technicians do.

We don't intend to blame other experiment service providers. We know that they strictly follow their rules to check the quality at certain points and deliver data at a certain quality. But still, omics data can have problems as its nature. Skillful analysts would notice something is wrong, though, many data are "analyzed" unfortunately by naive people who can blindly apply the standard protocol in the textbook. Consequently, "interesting" conclusions are led. A disaster occurs like this.

Omics data is super sensitive to experimental factors like date, technician, place, machine, kit, and something faint and subtle. So, you cannot assume any omics data reflect the true status. You should take them as distorted by non-linear systematic bias. You can compare (or analyze) samples if they are uniformly biased. We here say they are the "same type." However, you cannot directly compare samples if they are in "different types."

Please take a look at an example data set. The expression profiles are divisive in two groups, which do not correspond to biological parameters but replicate #1-5 and #6-10. It is impossible to know which group is of better quality, in other words, which group reflects the true status more accurately. We only know that this data set is a mixture of samples in "two types." This is an example of a microarray data set though, RNA-Seq data sets can neither be free from the same problem. We would say RNA-Seq more often see the problem, maybe because there is no physically universal device.

We recommend you not to outsource to experiment service providers who don't recognize this kind of difficulty and takes no measure to deal with it. You might think that famous branded microarray or RNA-Seq experiment services are ok. However, they deliver data with an attached report saying there is no problem at any checkpoints. They can reject your claim even if there indeed is a problem in the data. Neither do resellers of outsourcing services. We know through our experiences that there can be a quality issue, even though all quality checks pass.

Though we don't know what brings this problem specifically, we don't say no measures can be taken. We selected the best outsourcing partner, and never use other services, especially big and famous ones. In our partner, only a small number of excellently skilled technicians handle your samples. We know that it cannot thoroughly eliminate the problem, though, we achieve to down the rate significantly. Moreover, we advise you by Experimental Planning Support Service on how to limit the effect, in case you have the problem.

The partner sends us the raw data, and we check the quality at our responsibility. If we see samples in multi-types, we tell you the plain truth. And then we consider how to analyze the data, and advise you what you can conclude and what you can't from the result. And we discuss with you how to avoid it in future experiments. You may take this for granted, though, there is no such a service provider but us. This is why we get a reputation as a unique and trust.

2. The cost of re-experiment is high / Prospective studies.

If the cost of re-sampling is exceptionally high, Premium Experiment Outsourcing Service is a reasonable choice.

You often suffer due to the problem in the prospective study. So we recommend you take this service with microarrays but RNA-Seq because it has the physical substance to generate comparable data over time.

3. Ambitious experiments.

Additionally, we recommend you take this for low-quality RNA samples like FFPE, or low-input RNA samples like sorted cells or serum. We know other services ads they can do it, but it means only they can use a kit and follow a protocol. It doesn't mean you will get raw data as good quality as analyzable. You can't be too careful in such challenging measurements, and we recommend you choose our service.

Reversely, if you have samples denied by other services, please contact us.

Sampling Number of Samples Reasonable Choice
Easy & Low Cost Few Experimental Planning Support Service + Cheap Experiment Service
Many Experimental Planning Support Service + Premium Experiment Outsourcing Service
Hard & High Cost Regardless of Number
Multiple Batches,
Prospective Study
Poor Quality or Too-Low Input RNA

The Procedure

You send us specimens or cells soaked in RNAlater or other RNA stabilization solution. Or, we might ask you to make total RNA samples at your side and send them to us. This difference does not affect the price.

Skillful technicians of our partner take in charge of extracting RNAs and make a quality check report to us. They halt and wait for your decision. We have a meeting with you on the report to have you make a decision (1) to let the original plan go on, (2) to alter a measuring method, or (3) to cancel the experiment. If you select (3), we charge $100 per sample and end the project.

If you select (1) or (2), our partner measures gene expression levels and sends the raw data to us.

We check if there are quality issues in the raw data. If we found any problems, we will report to you and ask how to treat the data. If not, we continuously proceed to Data Analysis Service. Please see what will be happening in the procedure of the Data Analysis Service.

If you have ordered the Sample Return Option, we send back the rest of the RNA solutions.

Price List

Premium Experiment Outsourcing Service 1,200 USDor more / Sample
Sample Return Option 60 USD
Premium Experiment Outsourcing Service 1,200 EURor more / Sample
Sample Return Option 60 EUR
Premium Experiment Outsourcing Service 120,000 JPYor more / Sample
Sample Return Option 6,000 JPY
  • Premium Experiment Outsourcing Service
    1,200 USDor more / Sample
  • Sample Return Option
    60 USD
  • Premium Experiment Outsourcing Service
    1,200 EURor more / Sample
  • Sample Return Option
    60 EUR
  • Premium Experiment Outsourcing Service
    120,000 JPYor more / Sample
  • Sample Return Option
    6,000 JPY

Discount Programs

Volume Discount

We offer a discount if you order more than 12 samples.

Discount Rate
>12 samples 10%
>24 samples 20%
* We do not apply the discount rate together with other discount programs or promotions.

Repeaters' Discount

We would offer a discount if you ordered the Premium Experiment Outsourcing Service within one year from the data delivery of the previous order. This program is useful, especially when you want to redo the experiment, to add samples to the previous study, to add samples periodically in a prospective study.

Discount Rate
>4 samples within six months 2.5%
>8 samples within one year 5%
>12 samples within one year 15%
>20 samples within one year 20%
* We do not apply the discount rate together with other discount programs or promotions.

Other NGS Experiment Services

The price will be determined upon your request. Please contact us for more information.

  • Small volume RNA-Seq *1
  • Degraded RNA-Seq *2
  • Small volume + degraded RNA-Seq *1 *2
  • lncRNA (long non-coding RNA) sequencing
  • small RNA sequencing
  • microRNA sequencing
  • Amplicon sequencing
  • De Novo genome sequencing
  • Metagenomic sequencing
  • 16s rRNA sequencing
  • *1 we accept 100~1000 cells as input.
  • *2 we accept sorted and selected cells, pathological specimens, laser microdissection tissues or something from which you cannot get the good quality RNA.


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