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Subio Platform v1.22.5188 Released.

We released a new version of Subio Platform with a new Plug-in (named System Plug-in.)

NEW FEATURES of System Plug-in

  • We stopped selling Subrium and Subdive by the end of March, the main feature of Subrium is reborn as "Scan Genes over Series" tool of System Plug-in.

    For researchers who have a lot of and a wide variety of multi-omics experimental data sets, Subrium provides a function of overviewing gene expression patterns, DNA methylation patterns, chromosomal copy number patterns, etc. of specified genes. It is powerful though, costly solution because it runs on a web server.

    System Plug-in takes over this function, Subio Platform gets a brand new scope of omics data analysis.

    Overviewing patterns of a selected gene over all series.

  • When you find a bad quality sample in a series, maybe you want to remove it from the series. On the other hand, maybe you want to add new samples in an existing series of a prospective study.

    We have received requests for these features, and now we are happy to announce that they come to Subio Platform.

    Copying a series. Modifying samples of a series.

IMPROVEMENTS of Subio Platform

  • Normalization scenarios for GDC RNA-Seq and methylation data are added.
  • The Viewer remains same after changing parameters.

CHANGES of Advanced Plug-in

  • "Measurement to Region" and "Region Score Filter" tools are moved to System Plug-in.

FIXED BUGS of Subio Platform

  • Several cases or operational sequences causing Subio Platform's unexpected shutting down are fixed.

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