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If you have not done the experiment yet, please consider Premium Analysis Service. If you already have raw data files, or if you want to examine others' data, please read below.

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What is the result of data analysis service do you think? You may imagine an Excel sheet of genes with fold change or p-values, or a heatmap in a PDF file. Yes, they are the output of so-called "data analysis." However, how can you interpret them, or how can you measure the reliability of them? You cannot because they are only a part of the information.

It is only a starting point. The most challenging part of omics data analysis is interpreting them. Omics data is so complicated that you need to examine it from multi-angles and –layers. Due to its multifaceted nature, you can explain it differently from others. It means it is easy to get a wrong conclusion. Although you have to rightly understand the characteristics of data and the analysis steps to interpret correctly, you cannot know about them from the limited information on Excel or PDF.

Only what you do is to send the raw data files, and we send back the SSA(Subio Series Archive) file. You can import the file into Subio Platform to view not only the final result but also intermediate results. You can see every step of normalization, pre-processing, filtering, statistical tests and multivariate analysis. Moreover, we explain each of them to help your rightly understanding the data. After that, it is you who closely look at the data, and interpret it. Please check the whole workflow to see what we do, and what you do.

We have supported many researchers, and one of them published a paper in Nature magazine.

Data Analysis Service flow

It is ultra-hard to interpret omics data and the analysis results and discover something biologically significant. We support your challenge from the following three points.

  1. Free online support.
  2. Supporting your teamwork.
  3. Supporting your comparing with other studies.

Free Online Support

On delivering the SSA file, we explain you the characteristics and limitation of the experimental data as showing how to visualize them on Subio Platform. Moreover, we illustrate each analysis step which we chose according to the features. This is very useful especially for novice analysts, who tend to apply steps on a textbook as they are, without thinking if they are an appropriate case or not. We are sure they can learn quickly and deeply about omics data analysis rather than reading a textbook.

You can request online supports whenever you need. It is free, so it is efficient for you to ask when you encounter a question, rather than asking many questions at once.

Request a free online support

Supporting Your Teamwork

You can share the SSA file with team members or collaborators. It facilitates co-working and discussion on the data. It also enables re-analysis by a third-party to assure the quality of the analysis.

Supporting Your Comparing with Other Studies

If you find a gene showing an interesting pattern, maybe you want to know how does the gene behave in other data. You can order Data Analysis Service not only for your datasets but also public datasets downloadable from the internet. Storing them in your Subio Platform allows your using them as a hypotheses testing tool, (You need a System Plug-in).

About datasets and data types

We charge not per sample, but per dataset. For example, we charge per Dataset (GDS) or Series (GSE) of Gene Expression Omnibus. If a dataset contains less than 100 samples, we count it as one Small Dataset. If the number exceeds 100, we count it as one Large Dataset. Even if the number of samples is less than 100, we apply Large Dataset if the data rows are more than 100,000.

Though users usually order per dataset, you can order the service by giving a theme. For example, "I want you to collect datasets of miRNA expression experiments measured by different technologies so that I can compare the performance of them," or "Please collect datasets of XX cancer." In this case, please order "Datasets of a theme." We charge for the working time per week, regardless of the number of datasets.

By the way, let me talk about data types for this service. We basically can analyze any data which is composed of IDs and corresponding measurement values.

For example;

  • gene expression data
  • miRNA expression data
  • Exon or splicing variant expression data
  • ChIP-chip or ChIP-seq data
  • CGH data
  • DNA methylation data
  • Proteome data
  • Metabolome data
  • We do not accept FASTQ files from sequencers. Please order FASTQ File Processing Service with this service.
  • We do not support identifying compounds or peptides from MS. Please prepare a table of identified substance and values.

Price List

Small Dataset *1 200 USD 50% discount for a year from ordering
Plug-in Set.
Large Dataset 500 USD 50% discount for a year from ordering
Plug-in Set.
Datasets of a theme
(research period per week)
2,000 USD
PDF Report Option *2 200 USD
CD/DVD Delivery Option *3 50 USD
Express Option *4 50% of the total amount
Small Dataset *1 200 EUR 50% discount for a year from ordering
Plug-in Set.
Large Dataset 500 EUR 50% discount for a year from ordering
Plug-in Set.
Datasets of a theme
(research period per week)
2,000 EUR
PDF Report Option *2 200 EUR
CD/DVD Delivery Option *3 50 EUR
Express Option *4 50% of the total amount
Small Dataset *1 20,000 JPY 50% discount for a year from ordering
Plug-in Set.
Large Dataset 50,000 JPY 50% discount for a year from ordering
Plug-in Set.
Datasets of a theme
(research period per week)
200,000 JPY
PDF Report Option *2 20,000 JPY
CD/DVD Delivery Option *3 5,000 JPY
Express Option *4 50% of the total amount
  • *1 Small Dataset: <100,000 rows and <100 samples. Datasets exceeding the criteria are counted as Large Dataset.
  • *2 We explain about the data and analysis steps in a web meeting. But if you want to keep the information as a file, you can add this option.
  • *3 If the conditions of acceptance require physical goods and do not allow data, you can add this option.
  • *4 We usually deliver the results within two weeks, but the delivery date is not guaranteed. If you need to specify the delivery date, please order "express option" as well. We will deliver the results by 16:00 of the specified date.

Order Form

If you are purchasing services, please fill the form below to specify numbers of items, payment and delivery options, and click "Calculate" button.

And then check the items and total amount, please fill your name and contact information and place an order. After receiving it, we will contact you by email ASAP.


Dataset and options

200 USD 200 EUR 20,000 JPY
500 USD 500 EUR 50,000 JPY
2,000 USD 2,000 EUR 200,000 JPY
200 USD 200 EUR 20,000 JPY
50 USD 50 EUR 5,000 JPY
50% of the total amount

Payment and Shipping


1 Prepare a annotation file.

We need the annotation file if you use custom microarrays.

We do not need it for RNA-Seq data or catalog microarrays like Agilent or Affymetrix. But still, you can send a file if you want us to add.

2 Prepare experimental data files.

We accept following formats as experimental data files.

  • Raw data files (TXT or CEL) of microarrays (gene expression, microRNA, exon, CGH, etc.)
  • TXT files of counts/FPKM or RPKM of RNA-seq
  • BED or TXT files of ChIP-seq or Methyl-seq
  • GEO accession ID (GSE or GDS number) or the download URL of datasets

If you're not sure, please let us know what kind of files you have. Sending screenshots of directories helps a lot. Or you can request online support.

3 Prepare documents about the dataset.

Please prepare a table of file names and experimental parameters.

Additionally, you can send us documents about experimental design and purpose. If you tell us what pattern you are interested in, we apply the best way for that.

4 Send a zip file.

Please make a zip file of all the files you prepare for step 1 - 3, and send it from Contact Us page.

Contact Us

5 Receive an SSA file.

We return a SSA or SOA file as a result. You can see the contents by importing it into Subio Platform. Please select "Import Archive..." under Platform menu to open the file.

6 Understand the analysis flow.

The service includes a web meeting to explain the characteristics of the data and analysis steps. You can ask alternative or additional analysis within the meeting. In such cases, we will re-analyze the data and send the result again. We ask you to order another service for further requests.

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