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An excellent experimental design is fundamental for successful study. We support your planning to maximize the output within the budget, and to add robustness against possible failures. It costs only $100 to save thousands of dollars or more.

Experiment outsourcing service by skillful technicians for gene expression studies. We recommend microarray or RNA-Seq according to your purpose. It might look a bit pricey comparing with other services, but still, it can reduce the total cost of projects.

If you have already done the experiment, you can order this service. We select proper methods, not a routine, for each dataset.

We support gene expression, microRNA expression, CGH, ChIP, DNA methylation and more applications.

We provide data analysis services at your site.

This service is useful especially when you need the result urgently, when you need in-depth discussions, and when you analyze data with secret or personal information.

Training service for those who want to learn the whole steps. The contents are fully customizable. It is not a classroom lesson with demo data, but practical training on the real data that you want to analyze.

Realize your idea with our software design and development skills. We have experiences of creating unique systems, which did not exist before, with customers as a team.

We can offer services for miscellaneous tasks.



Nagoya Univ., a student


They delivered the result files quickly, and the explanation was sufficient and trustful.


A research institute, lab Researcher


I think Subio's "Premium Service" is fairly cost-effective. Only we had to do is sending RNA samples, and they covers from designing a custom microarray to data analys...


A University, Student


Because they explain about the data and analysis flow step by step, I could slowly understand not only differentially expressed genes but also the meaning of data mining.

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