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What is the difference from others?

Do you have experiences of getting odd results?

We have provided data analysis services for long, and we know customers sometimes bring a data set which is impossible to analyze, or terribly bad quality. They did not consider the experimental plan, but it is impossible to recover once they have done.

  1. Experimental Plan
    They did not have a concrete image about the data and the way of analysis.
  2. Experiment
    They somehow selected the platform without assessing by themselves.
  3. Data Analysis
    They finally found they could not analyze the data.

Backward Thinking Helps

The "backward thinking" is important to avoid such a waste of time and money.
We recommend you take time to consider the experimental plan before you actually do.

  1. Data Analysis
    You have a clear image about the data and the way of analysis.
  2. Experiment
    You assess platforms to select the right one with the capability.
  3. Experimental Plan
    You strategically allocate resources to achieve at the limited budget.

If you say like
"I don't know, because I don't have any experiences." or
"I used a service before, but I couldn't get the result as expected."
Please consult us before you select the cheapest one.

Service Menu

If you look for service providers of microarray or NGS experiments, please consider our premium analysis service.

We support from experimental design to data analysis to maximize the output at the limited budget.

If you have already done the experiment, you can order this service. We select a proper methods, not a routine, for each data set.

We support gene expression, microRNA expression, CGH, ChIP, DNA methylation and more applications.

If you are stuck on FASTQ handling, we do it for you. Please do not waste your time on data handling, but focus on interpreting the data and analysis results.

We support RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, variation calling and Methyl-Seq.

We provide data analysis services at your site.

This service is useful especially when you need the result urgently, when you need deep discussions, and when you analyze data with secret or personal information.

Realize your idea with our software design and development skills. We have experiences of creating unique systems, which did not existed before, with customers as a team.

We can offer services for miscellaneous tasks.

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A research institute, lab Researcher


I think Subio's "Premium Service" is fairly cost-effective. Only we had to do is sending RNA samples, and they covers from designing a custom microarray to data analys...


A University, Lab Researcher


If you're interested in Subio Platform, I strongly recommend you try it with your own data. ...

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