New Features on Subio Platform or Plug-ins

We develop all products by ourselves. You can order adding new features on Subio Platform or Plug-ins. The most costly part of software is interactive graphical user interface (GUI), and it's already done. Adding analytical algorithms are not big tasks. You can order new features at a reasonable cost.

You can also order adding new data viewers. It would cost more than analytical tools, but it's much cheaper than making from zero.

Item List

  • Importing Copy Number Variation data from GDC.($2,000)
  • Save image in SVG format, so that you can edit the graphical image ($500)
  • Genome view to show all chromosomes ($500)
  • Convert gene lists to other organisms based on HomoloGene ($500)
  • Draw fold lines on Scatter Plot (Measurements) ($500)
  • Import values from a SOFT formatted family file in Edit Sample Information ($500)
  • An edit tool to add prefix or suffix in all edit panels ($500)
  • Plot data points on the horizontal axis of Line Graph as reflecting values ($1,000)
  • More easy KEGG pathway import tool ($1,000)
  • Other pathway import tool ($1,000)
  • Clustering tool supports multi-threading ($3,000)

Prices can be changed according to specifications.

New Software or Building Analysis Pipeline

If you'd like us to help your developing a software or web site, please contact us. From just an idea in your mind, we can help realizing it. We will work together with you on designing GUI, defining specifications and implementing the system, based on our experience in a variety of system developments, which is not only in the bioinformatics field.

  • Analysis software
  • Next gen. sequence data pipeline
  • Data processing, alteration, analysis
  • Database system
  • Data vizualizing system
  • Web site

If you allow us to keep the intellectual property, we'll discount 50% from the development cost. Because we keep maintain and improvement, you'll be free from paying maintenance cost afterward. We saw many good Software/DB died after the projects ended, due to lack of self-sustainability. This is why we offer so.


  • Subrium: Storing or visualizing massive multi-omics data
  • Subdive: Visualizing and exploratory data mining system
  • Scripting / Pipelines:
    • Bisulfite sequence data visualization and analysis
    • Annotating genes from IDs or names with NCBI or other databases
    • Prediction modeling for diagnosis
    • Mapping and counting of small RNAs from NGS data
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