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Subio provides professional data analysis software and services for microarray, RNA-Seq and other omics data. We work for users so that they do not spend too much time on data processing and analysis but on interpretation and discovery.

Subio Platform

A Free Omics Data Analysis Software for
Biologists' Interpretation and Discussion.

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The right tool and skill always matter, don't they?

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I cooked by myself with a beautiful recipe book.
I followed the instruction, but it became miserable.

How come?

You can find information about the data analysis of microarray or RNA-Seq. However, does it promise that you will make a sound output? Of course, it does not.

It is like you are making haute cuisine with no cooking experience. There are tricks everywhere, not written in the book. If you have knowledge and skills enough, you can reproduce delicious dishes from the book.

However, it is impossible if you do not have a satisfying experience.

If you have enough knowledge and skills on data analysis, you can output a proper output using any tools like R, GeneSpring, or Subio Platform. However, if you do not, we strongly recommend Subio Platform for the following two reasons.

Firstly, Subio Platform is a tool so that you can check if you are doing well step by step. Secondly, you can order a Data Analysis Service to complement the experience on a reasonable cost. The right tool and the right skill are essential to challenge omics.

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