About Plug-ins

For those who need, when they need it.

License expiration doesn't have your data lost.

Sharing and co-working accelerate projects.

You can add analytical tools by activating plug-ins. You can smartly assign plug-ins, not to all, but those who need it and when they need it. Unlike other commercial software, you can still access data generated by Plug-ins even after the license expires.

In a team, most members don't need Plug-in licenses to join discussions or to co-work on the data, but a free Subio Platform. The omics data analysis should not be something done by only specialists, but a challenge for all to bring more biological discoveries and output.

We provide three types of Plug-ins as different packages of tools.

Basic Plug-in US$480/year US$80/30days

Basic Plug-in is a package of tools for fundamental statistical analysis, which are widely used for microarray or other omics data analysis.

Feature List

Filtering out unreliable measurements for quality control. Detail
Extracting statistically differentially expressed genes b/w 2 groups. Detail
Extracting statistically differentially expressed genes among groups. Detail
Run the differential expression analysis b/w 2 groups in bulk. Detail
Extracting similarly behaving genes from the selected genes. Detail
Tree Clustering; overviewing groups of genes with similar patterns. Detail
PCA; overviewing how the expression profiles vary among sample groups. Detail

Advanced Plug-in US$480/year US$80/30days

Advanced Plug-in is a package of tools for biological interpretation part, following the part of Basic Plug-ins. GO analysis, pathway analysis, genomic location or sequence analysis are involved.

Feature List

Finding enriched Gene Ontology (GO) terms or pathways from a gene list. Detail
Importing pathway images, overlaying expression patterns on them. Detail
Extracting genes correlating to tumor stage, age, dose, etc. Detail
Extracting genes or probes by relative positions on the genome. Detail
Summarizing and visualizing trends of values along chromosomes. Detail
Getting DNA sequences of specified regions, generating a FASTA file. Detail
Search genomic regions of a specific DNA sequence. Detail
Fill annotation of measurements from the genome. Detail
Finding pairs of miRNA and target genes showing anti-correlation. Detail
Searching correlated pairs of genes and genomic elements nearby. Detail
Drawing a scatter plot from different types of omics data. Detail
Drawing Kaplan-Meier survival curve of groups from omics profiling. Detail

System Plug-in US$480/year US$80/30days

System Plug-in is an essential expansion for those who are doing prospective studies, who are storing lots of datasets to use them as the reference, and who are challenging integrative multi-omics data analysis.

Feature List

Importing MSigDB / Finding Measurement Lists or Pathways by keywords. Detail
Overviewing a lot of multi-omics data sets in your Subio Platform. Detail
Drawing a TSS Plot with various statistics. Detail
Copying a series. Modifying samples of a series. Detail
Preparing for analyzing multi-omics data sets over multiple platforms. Detail
Converting measurements to regions. Filtering regions. Detail
Importing a gene list, or a set of lists, from external files. Detail

5 Days Free Trial

Please fill the form to request trial licenses of plug-ins for free. You will receive Serial Numbers by email, and excercise them to activate plug-ins. You can evaluate Basic Plug-in, Advanced Plug-in and System Plug-in for 5 days from the activation.

Notice: A PC or Mac is allowed activating a trial only ONE time. You will get errors at second time.

* required

Price List


Plug-in Set

1 Year License
Plug-in Set (Basic+Advanced+System) 1,440 USD
960 USD
Plug-in Set (Basic+Advanced) 960 USD
720 USD
1 Year License
Plug-in Set (Basic+Advanced+System) 1,440 EUR
960 EUR
Plug-in Set (Basic+Advanced) 960 EUR
720 EUR
1 Year License
Plug-in Set (Basic+Advanced+System) 144,000 JPY
96,000 JPY
Plug-in Set (Basic+Advanced) 96,000 JPY
72,000 JPY


1 Year License 30 Days License
Basic Plug-in 480 USD 80 USD
Advanced Plug-in 480 USD 80 USD
System Plug-in 480 USD 80 USD
1 Year License 30 Days License
Basic Plug-in 480 EUR 80 EUR
Advanced Plug-in 480 EUR 80 EUR
System Plug-in 480 EUR 80 EUR
1 Year License 30 Days License
Basic Plug-in 48,000 JPY 8,000 JPY
Advanced Plug-in 48,000 JPY 8,000 JPY
System Plug-in 48,000 JPY 8,000 JPY

Order Form

Order Form

Request a Demonstration

We're happy to show you a demonstration of Subio Platform and Plug-ins via web meeting. Many are impressed by realizing the importance of watching data from multiple angles while many textbooks ignore this point. Please send a request with a convenient time and date for you.

Request a Demonstration

Why Plug-in System?

Though a valid license is needed when you use the plug-in, you don't need licenses to browse the results which are saved in Subio Platform. In other words, you don't need to buy licenses for every computer to browse data. This puts Subio Platform in a unique position.

You can share data via SSA files including analysis results generated with a plug-in among free Subio Platforms on any computers of team members. We believe this is the easiest and most reasonable way to work on omics data to maximize the opportunity of discovering by team. Because nobody can extract all meanings by themselves, we think it's important to tackle the difficult task by a team. Subio Platform's plug-in system embodies a cooperative working environment.

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