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Subio = sub-stream + bio

I have been working in transcriptomics data analysis since 2002, when I started my career as a technical support staff of Gene Spring software. I have gone through the microarray's arising, booming and fading, and now in the second cycle of RNA-Seq. Anyway, I am feeling odd that many get to think that omics data analysis is something like they can do it by following a textbook. However, the fact is we human beings have no idea how to extract biological meaning from omics data for these two decades.

Omics is one of the hardest challenges in human history, and it's "only" 20 years since the beginning. The technology made significant progress, though, the data analysis methodology has remained helpless groping in the dark. So, the time of the competition of data mining must come soon. AI will doubtlessly be the mainstream. Teams in the world with the big-budget, facilities, and brilliant brains will get the attention of scientists. However, we think they lack a key.

What's the key?

We think it's ideas based on the experience and intuition of the countless experimental biologists in wet labs. You often see a concept evangelized by top researchers dominates the mind in the academic society and gone. The driver for the science is to take continuously in ideas from outside of the mainstream paradigm to keep doing enormous trials and errors. So it is essential to invite people with different backgrounds to the discussion.

So we made the company named after "sub-stream" and "bio" and made the most user-friendly software for wet biologists. It's not only for bioinformaticians but for various researchers with different backgrounds so that they can exchange ideas and work together. We are happy to work for the evolving new life science by involving many people to the omics.

Tanabe Akio
The president of Subio Inc.

Management Policy

We are proud of our stock owners, who are ordinary people like ourselves, users and those who are resonated with our vision, and who are not VCs or professional investors pursuing capital gain. They want Subio be a sustainable company to provide good products and services stably and reasonably as long as customers need.

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The Team

Photo: Akio Tanabe
Tanabe Akio

Founder & President

Also a strategic nomad, onshore snorkeler, co-sleeper and semi-organic feeder of the cat, nephew teaser, calligraphic and haiku artist and a host for Couchsurfers.

Photo: Fumio Naito
Naito Fumio

Founder, Programmer & UI/UX Designer

A remote worker. He loves programming much to do in his dreams. Also loves music to be a music teacher of his children; sanshin, ukulele, guitar, piano, song etc.

Photo: Taro Fukasa
Fukasa Taro

Founder & System Engineer

Also a miso (traditional Japanese bean paste) maker, cyclist, YouTube guitarist (fingerstyle), DJ, organizer of club and live events, and gadget lover.

Job Opportunities

You are encouraged to submit unsolicited applications. Akio will give his 52.47% stocks (16.73% of all shares) to the successor. Thank you for your interest in Subio!

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