Subio Platform v1.23.5551 Released

We released a new version of Subio Platform software, bundled with Java 12. Please update your Subio Platform to make it stable.

FIXED PROBLEMs of Subio Platform

  • You cannot reset after searching by keyword.
  • You cannot set values in color settings option panel.
  • Subio Platform shuts down by many specific sequences of operation.

FIXED PROBLEMs of Basic Plug-in

  • You cannot set values of thresholds in details panel of PCA

FIXED PROBLEMs of Advanced Plug-in

  • Subio Platform shuts down by changing thresholds at the histogram before getting results.

Update your Subio Platform.

Please select "Check for Updates..." under Help menu on your Subio Platform. Or download the updater and run it manually.

Download Subio Platform Updater for 64-bit Windows

Download Subio Platform Updater for Mac

Update Your Subio Platform

Please request a free Online Support, if you don't know how to do this.