Subio Platform v1.24.5659 Released

We released a new version of Subio Platform software. You can import the raw data (FASTQ files) of RNA-Seq to complete the analysis with the Subio Platform seamlessly. This is the easiest and cheapest solution for Windows users. Even for Mac users, you don't need the command-line operation. Using the Subio Platform is more comfortable to do it.

And the next version, you will be able to work on the variations from the RNA-Seq data.

IMPROVEMENTs of Subio Platform

  • Subio Platform accepts directly FASTQ files of RNA-Seq experiments.
  • Subio Platform installer bundles the Platform of Ensembl genes for the RNA-Seq data.
  • The importing region list wizard becomes efficient and comfortable.
  • The operation of importing a measurement list from an external file is polished.

IMPROVEMENTs of Advanced Plug-in

  • Find Correlated Regions tool executes multi-thread.

And a number of bugs were fixed.

Update your Subio Platform.

Please select "Check for Updates..." under Help menu on your Subio Platform. Or download the updater and run it manually.

Download Subio Platform Updater for 64-bit Windows

Download Subio Platform Updater for Mac

Update Your Subio Platform

Please request a free Online Support, if you don't know how to do this.