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For A Better Future of Japan-Korean Relatinoship

We're worrying the relationship between Japan and South Korea are not going well at government level. And we think it's very important to improve business relationship at grass-root level in such times for our better future. We are glad to take a part of it. We know it's only a weak fiber, but a strong rope is composed of weak fibers.

We offer to all South Korean Customers, who live in and outside the country 50% discount of Plug-in Set until the end of 2019.

  • Plug-in Set (Basic + Advanced):
    360 USD / 360 EUR / 36,000 JPY
  • Plug-in Set (Basic + Advanced + System):
    480 USD / 480 EUR / 48,000 JPY

Please be noticed that

  • No more than one set per person.
  • No combination with other discount programs.