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For A Better Future of South Korea-Japan Relationship

We're worrying the relationship between South Korea and Japan is becoming a crisis at government level. And we think it's important for our better future not to follow the emotion but reason. We have to have the nerve to confirm the friendship at grass-root level and to improve the inter-dependency at business level especially in such a difficult time. We are glad to take a part of it. We know it's only a weak fiber, but a strong rope is composed of weak fibers.

We offer to all South Korean Customers, who live in and outside the country 50% discount of Plug-in Set until the end of June in 2020.

  • Plug-in Set (Basic + Advanced):
    360 USD / 360 EUR / 36,000 JPY
  • Plug-in Set (Basic + Advanced + System):
    480 USD / 480 EUR / 48,000 JPY

Please be noticed that

  • No more than one set per person.
  • No combination with other discount programs or promotions.