Subio Platform & Plug-ins Users Guide

Subio Platform Users Guide

This PDF manual is useful to learn concepts and technical terms, but no more than for this purpose. Movie tutorials are better for learning operations. Analysis Guide shows you the entire workflow, and you can click each step to get tutorials related to the step. You can go through with them.

But we recommend novice users order a Data Analysis Service, or take an Online Training session.

The first reason is it is useless for most users to learn operations of the whole steps. But all users must learn the operation for viewing data to understand and to interpret the data. So we suggest novice users focus on such operations only. You can get the skill by limiting parts at beginning, otherwise you will forget everything.

The second reason is the variety of omics data is so colorful and complicated. It means you can't expect that the standard workflow works for your data. We know many wants to apply the standard workflow blindly though, this is totally ridiculous. What you have to do is to understand the characteristics of the raw data, and to choose a proper way at every step according to the characteristics and your purpose of study. The data analysis is a series of decision makings or trials-and-errors, and this is why you definitely need expert's advises.

Subio Platform & Plug-ins Users Guide