Subio Platform v1.23.5606 をリリースしました。


IMPROVEMENTs of Subio Platform

  • Subio Platform shows a dialog to guide new users to the tutorials.
  • Subio Platform automatically check if the latest version is available.
  • The Sample List becomes faster especially when you have a lot of samples. 
  • After you remove a measurement list, Subio Platform selects the top one. It helps reducing the waiting time if you put a measurement list with one or a few genes.

IMPROVEMENTs of Advanced Plug-in

  • Search options are available in the Find miRNA Targets and Find Correlated Regions tools.

FIXED PROBLEMs of Subio Platform

  • You sometimes cannot save the color settings of the gradation bar. 
  • Subio Platform sometimes fails to export a sound SOA file, and fails to load it.
  • Subio Platform shuts down by selecting a saved flag set.

FIXED PROBLEMs of Advanced Plug-in

  • Find Regions from Seq doesn't take IUPAC nucleotide code.

FIXED PROBLEMs of System Plug-in

  • Add/Remove Samples tool doesn't handle the flag information properly.

Update your Subio Platform.

Please select "Check for Updates..." under Help menu on your Subio Platform. Or download the updater and run it manually.

Download Subio Platform Updater for 64-bit Windows

Download Subio Platform Updater for Mac

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