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Subio Platform v1.20.5031 Released.

Subio Platform v1.20.5031 is released. You can automatically import TCGA methylation array data from GDC web site. It collects not only beta values, but also information about patients and experiments. So you can instantly start analyzing the data of a variety of cancers!

Now you can use a lot of RNA-Seq, miRNA-Seq and methylation array data of various types of cancers in TCGA and TARGET projects. Subio Platform and plug-ins support the integrated analysis of multi-omics data. It is not easy, but you can at least start it smoothly.

New Features


  • We stop providing Subio Platform for 32-bit Windows.
  • The default maximum heap size for Mac is 8GB.

Fixed Bugs

  • Lookup tool deletes information of samples which an external file does not contain IDs.

Update your Subio Platform.

Please select "Check for Updates..." under Help menu on your Subio Platform. Or download the updater and run it manually.

Download Subio Platform Updater for 64-bit Windows

Download Subio Platform Updater for Mac