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Can you do pathway analysis? Network analysis? GO analysis?

About GO analysis

You can do Gene Ontology (GO) analysis with (1) DAVID Functional Annotation web tool, (2) "Enrichment Analysis" tool of Advanced Plug-in. And the latter feature can be strengthened by "Import MSigDB Gene Sets" tool of System Plug-in. Please watch the tutorial of enrichment analysis.

About Pathway or Network Analysis

Pathway or network analysis can mean broad. If you mean searching enriched pathways from a gene list of a certain pattern, it is a part of enrichment analysis. Please watch the tutorial of enrichment analysis.

But if you mean constructing network models from omics data, no we cannot do that. We think the type of techniques are under development and does not reach a practical level. If you are sure that we should implement algorithms of such technology, please send a feature request or order a software development service to implement it.