How much memory is required?

It completely depends on data size (number of genes x number of samples.) We say 2GB RAM at minimum, but we recommend a 64-bit system with 8GB RAM or more. If you’re going to handle CGH arrays, ChIP-on-chip, promoter arrays, tiling arrays, ChIP-Seq or Methyl-Seq data, we recommend 64GB high-speed RAM and M.2 SSD.

The size of free disc space doesn't matter at all. And the number of samples stored in Subio Platform has nothing to do with the maximum size of Series to load on the computer.

If you're buying a new computer, it's always a trade-off of cost and performance. Please consider the followings to select.

1st Priority: 

Larger memory is always better. You may add memory in the future, so see also extension slots.

2nd Priority: 

Analyzing large data sets increases disk access. M.2 SSD is the best choice, and faster HDD is second.

3rd Priority: 

Fast clock CPU is better than highly multi-threaded CPU for Subio Platform.