A microarray data analysis tutorial (without Plug-ins).

A quick and in-depth microarray data analysis.

Although many think that they need statistical tools to analyze microarray data sets, any tools are not essential for the omics data analysis. Reversely, It is not fair to say that "you have to use [a tool] for the microarray data analysis." What's important is that you accurately understand what the data is and how to handle it.

You can learn how to analyze the microarray data set through this tutorial. You can examine the quality of the data of individual samples, to remove noise, to extract differentially expressed genes, to see the relationship between the expression behaviors and chromosomal locations with the free Subio Platform. Also you can search the enriched GO terms and pathways with the DAVID Functional Annotation, which is a free web tool.

You can download the SSA file so that you can instantly open the data set. Please select "Import Archive..." under the Platform menu to import the SSA file.