Import Affymetrix GeneChp Data (CEL Files)

Convert GeneChip CEL files with TAC software, and import the data to Subio Platform.

Subio Platform doesn't accept GeneChip CEL files directly. So please convert CEL files with Transcriptome Analysis Console (TAC) software, which is freely available from Thermo Fisher Scientific's web site. Please learn how to export a table of signals and gene annotations from the software.

When you examine data sets on the public databases, you may sometimes want to re-calculate signals by yourself. This movie tutorial also explains what to see to judge the quality of the original data processing.

If you get errors of "Not a Calvin file," it means the CEL file is in an old format. So you have to convert it with Array Power Tools distributed from Thermofisher so that TAC can handle it.

If you think it's difficult for you to do it by yourself, please order our Data Analysis Services. The cost is very reasonable and it saves your time. You send the CEL or CHP files to our support. We will convert them and deliver the SSA file so that you can focus on interpretation part.