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Subio Platform v1.22.5461 Released.

We released a new version of Subio Platform software, including significant improvements in Enrichment Analysis of Advanced Plug-in, and we put many new tools in System Plug-in. Please upgrade your Subio Platform software now.

NEW FEATUREs of System Plug-in

IMPROVEMENTs of Subio Platform

  • In the Annotations tab, you can copy the value in the cell on which you right-click.
  • The interface of the keyword search is brushed up, and it supports regular expression explicitly.
  • You can copy profiles from other series of the same platform, as well as measurement lists or pathways.
  • Subio Platform automatically imports more sample information from GDC database.
  • The first import options page of the Import Sample wizard draws histogram much faster.
  • Deleting or overwriting operations become faster.

IMPROVEMENTs of Advanced Plug-in

  • Enrichment Analysis tool supports searching measurement lists and pathways as well. You can filter the result by name. And it shows a new statistics named Redundancy90.
  • If you set symbol column for a platform, enrichment analysis runs based on the symbols, not on measurement IDs. So the result becomes free from the bias due to on-chip replicates.
  • Find Correlated Regions tool can export Region Lists, which you can visualize with TSS Plot tool.
  • Genomic Location Filter supports parallel execution to improve the performance.
  • Summarize tool put names of reference track in the resulting region lists.
  • In tools using relative locations, they accept negative values in the distance settings of upstream or downstream.

IMPROVEMENTs of System Plug-in

  • Measurement to Region tool put gene symbols if a symbol column is selected.
  • Add/Remove Samples tool displays the parameter values as well.

CHANGEs of Subio Platform

  • Creating a measurement list with the Venn Diagram tool does not keep the statistics to improve performance.

FIXED PROBLEMs of Subio Platform

  • The panel for defining miRNA target databases does not work.
  • Chromosomes tab does not remember the order of chromosomes after restarting the software.
  • Subio Platform can be inaccessible when you click copy table button in Annotations tab while you open a plug-in tool.
  • Subio Platform does not create pathway objects if there is no matched ID on importing spw files.
  • Subio Platform sometimes unexpectedly shuts down on closing the Edit Platform panel.
  • Subio Platform sometimes unexpectedly shuts down during you operate Merge Platforms panel.

FIXED PROBLEMs of Advanced Plug-in

  • The calculation of p-values in Enrichment Analysis tool might be wrong.
  • Genomic Location filter does not now work if you set a region list with a single region in the reference track.
  • Fringe fields do not accept negative values.

Update your Subio Platform.

Please select "Check for Updates..." under Help menu on your Subio Platform. Or download the updater and run it manually.

Download Subio Platform Updater for 64-bit Windows

Download Subio Platform Updater for Mac

Update Your Subio Platform

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