Subio Platform fails to launch. How can I solve?

Case 1 – Failure of Installation

Installer files can be deficient. Check the file size. And please install as following the instruction on the manual .

For Windows Users,

Make sure to unzip the download file. If you don't see the Subio.exe icon in the extracted folder, it's likely you're only previewing without unzipping.
The extracted folder should be placed under personal directories (e.g. My Documents or Desktop) rather than system directories (e.g. C:\ or Program Files.)

Case 2 - Failure of writing in the install directory:

Subio Platform fails to launch if your account doesn't have write permission to the install directory and its sub directories. If you don't see any error log files in the install directory, it’s likely to be this case. Give write permissions to your account, or place the install folder under your user directories and then change the access right.

How to Change Access Permission of Subio Directory on Mac OS.

Case 3 - Out of memory error:

Subio Platform requires memory according to data size. If your PC/Mac has only 1GB memory or less, it's easy to cause out of memory errors. The solution is to add memory cards, or to use Subio Platform on a PC/Mac with large RAM.
If you see memory errors with a PC/Mac with large memory, we advise restart the box.

Case 4 - Failure on loading Series:

Subio Platform automatically loads a Series as launching. If the Series data is too large for your PC/Mac or has something wrong, Subio Platform fails to start. Please delete "subio.settings" file in the install directory and then launch it.
See how to recover the broken series data.

Case 5 - 2 Byte Characters in the path:

If there are 2 byte characters in the path of the install directory of Subio Platform, Subio Platform may fail to launch especially after activating plug-ins. 

The workaround is removing such letters from the path, or moving the Subio folder to other directory without 2 byte characters.