FASTQ File Processing Service

You need to use many tools or algorithms to process FASTQ files, which are generated by high throughput sequencing systems. But it is only converting read sequences to biological data formats. Don't you think you spend too much time to learn those software operations? We provide this service for researchers who don't want to waste time on merely data handling, but spend more time on biological interpretation and discovery.

Generally speaking, there are technology dependent layer and independent layer. If you spend time on learning skills of the "dependent" layer, they will be outdated sooner or later. But skills of the "independent" layer will never fade. So it is more efficient to learn skills of "independent" layer first, and then "dependent" layer if you want. But many students seem doing in a opposite way, and disdaining the most important part.

Technology dependent and independent layers

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mRNA-Seq Data Processing on a reference genome

We convert FASTQ files to gene expression data with TopHat and Cufflinks, so that you can easily import them into Subio Platform. We will add a customization fee if the preset genome data is not available.

The service charge does not differ between single-read and paired-read samples.

75 USD /Sample On preset reference genome 75 USD /Sample + Customization Charge On custom reference genome FASTQ files A Text File (Counts/FPKM)

mRNA-Seq Data Processing(De Novo Assembly)

If there is no reference genome, we deploy the de novo assembly method to infer genes and their expression levels.

The inferred genes have no annotation. You can blast one by one though, it is impossible to do it comprehensively. So we offer a service of building a database of BLASTX results. It will greatly help your interpreting data in the biological context.

Pipeline Setup Charge: 400 USD 1,000 USD or more De Novo Assembly 250 USD /FASTQ file BLAST Service for Assembled Genes Assembling & Counting by Yourself. FASTQ files A Text File (Counts/FPKM)

ChIP-seq Data Processing

We convert FASTQ files into DNA binding event data with BWA and MACS on a reference genome (hg19, mm9 or mm10). Please contact us if you want to map on another reference genome.

Pipeline Setup Charge: 400 USD 150 USD /FASTQ file 150 USD /FASTQ file + Customization Charge On preset reference genome On custom reference genome FASTQ files Text / BED / GFF

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