RNA-Seq Data Analysis Support Service

You might have attended a course for RNA-Seq or microarray data analysis. Even though you could follow the textbook and completed the tasks with the demo data sets, it doesn't mean you can do it by yourself. When you start doing it with your data, unexpected errors often disturb you. Can you resolve them all?

Subio Platform supports RNA-Seq FASTQ files, and you can follow the tutorial to do it in many cases. However, execution errors might prevent you from getting outputs. When it happens, we help your troubleshooting via web meetings or emails. Once it works, you will be able to process the aftercoming data of the same kind.

On the other hand, you have to create HISAT2 indexes by yourself if you can't get it from their web site. If it's difficult for you, please order this service to let us build it for you.

The service fee can be 200 or 500 USD/EUR, depending on the time of how long we take.

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