Work on Omics Data in A Collaborative Working Environment

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Subio Platform is a free data browser dedicatedly used for omics data analysis and sharing. You can install it on any PCs or Macs to visualize micrroarray or next-generation sequencing data. Although it works well with R and Bioconductor to apply statistical analysis, it's easy to use Basic Plug-in or Advanced Plug-in, which we provide at very reasonable prices.

Basic Plug-in is a package of basic statistical tools which are widely used in microarray data analysis. Advanced Plug-in is another package used after basic statistical analysis. Because plug-ins are separated, you pay only for what you need and who require in the team. It enables assigning statistical analysis and biological interpretation to different people to improve efficiency of the team.

All data are stored in Subio Platform, and you don't need plug-in licenses to browse the data with analysis results generated with plug-ins. You can export one SSA file, which you can reconstruct everything what you see on other computers. It's the simplest way to share omics data as enabling reanalysis by other members or collaborators. Such a mean of smooth collaboration breaks the bottle neck which has existed by sharing Excel datasheet.

And Subrium works as central storage of SSA files, and instant visualization tool which is accessible from anywhere through web browsers.

List of Products

A web based system to build a repository of multi-omics data sets to provide an overview of the collection.

A web based system to visualize genomic variation data enabling exploratory data mining by wet researchers.

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