Work on Omics Data in A Collaborative Working Environment

Subio provides professional software for microarrays and NGS studies. Professional does not mean they are for bioinformaticians. Software cannot reveal the truths, and it is biologists who can extract insights from the data. The good software helps your thought experiments without losing your train of thought.

Subio Platform is free software supporting biologists’ interpreting, discussing on and sharing microarray or NGS data. You can add generally-used analysis tools by purchasing Plug-ins, and work with R and Bioconductor to apply more complicated analyses.

The system composed of free Subio Platform and low-cost plug-ins is optimized for teamwork. Bioinformaticians cannot fully extract biological knowledge from the data. It is biologists who can discover something from the data. Passing Excel and PDF files have made things just difficult. Subio Platform and plug-ins implements the co-working environment at the lowest cost.

Subrium is a central database system for massive and highly-variable multi-omics experimental data sets. It also provides a bird’s-eye view on them. You can access to the data with a web browser from anywhere. Making data instantly accessible to team members is important not to lose a chance when they hit on an idea. Stop wasting data, and turn them into long-term asset.

Workflow Subio Platform Subio Platform Basic Plug-in Basic Plug-in Advanced Plug-in Advanced Plug-in Subio Platform Subio Platform Subrium Subrium People and balloons are designed by Freepik.


A web based system to build a repository of multi-omics data sets to provide an overview of the collection.

A web based system to visualize genomic variation data enabling exploratory data mining by wet researchers.

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